Dropping rocks in New Zealand

I think New Zealand was a learning term. The motto was “you know what self, you are going to deal with your problems.”

I became more confident, more efficient, more organized, more OCD, more hard work, and more mature. I guess it was a more kind of term. I learned some limits, learned confrontation, learned how to take notes, learned how to procrastinate more.

And believe me, I still have planets of self improvement to go.

gah. I actually can’t believe that I wrote that for the countless time. Thats what happens every time someone asks me to reflect. And for some reason, I’m always angry and on the verge of curse words pouring out of wherever I keep my frustration and onto the screen. Also, to be honest, everything that I said above happens to me every time I come back from a semester.

I guess something special I learned from my time in New Zealand was how to take responsibility. But to only sweat the important things, and sometimes the important things are the small things. New Zealand was the time where I shoved off a lot of the rocks that were weighing me down. Each rock was something I hadn’t let go yet. Things that I should have brushed off had stuck to my ego like super glue.

I made the choice, with some help from people I love, to let go of those rocks.

And so far, everything is a lot more doable than it was before.

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