Shop Till You Drop

Sydney and I went shopping today. Wheh, haven’t been able to say that in a while; between my workload and laziness, I haven’t paid Forever 21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters a visit in a while. Seriously, teachers need to understand that an hour on Spanish every night is not healthy for a growing 15 year old! Although, I think that the stress is not only getting to the students, but the teachers. With our school heading to New York on Saturday, then a wilderness trip the following, and one week to prepare before exams, there is a bit to stress about. I’m glad that I was able to de-stress-itize a little with the mindfully mindless activity of filtering through clothes.

On our journey, we first traveled to the land of 21 Forever. Two lone riders were then spotted and were ambushed with a hug from Sydney, my partner in crime. They were leaving the four-levelled-battleground, while we were heading into the thick of it. Gawa, a lone rider, was telling us about a necklace that she had just bought and thought that it wouldn’t match her dress. We reassured her and then headed into the shop.

We didn’t find much in Forever 21, it was a lot of outfits that we thought were cute but it wasn’t what we were looking for. We were specifically shopping for two events that we would attend in New York (both organized by the school), the Great Gatsby dinner and the Yacht night. The Great Gatsby event is themed, the “roarin’ twenties” as it is the era that The Great Gatsby took place. Finding a dress from that decade is difficult. Like seriously, I found one and it was took big (it sucked). While in the store, Sydney and I both pointed out outfits that “were so Liisa.” Liisa is our Swedish friend who is very, very, very fashionable. And we discovered there that grunge was in, along with shorts that would leave our dads pointing guns at males who come within five feet of us.

Leaving Forever 21 without anything, we made our way to a store called Fossil. Not finding much there, we went next door to Urban Outfitters. Grunge is REALLY in. Having a very similar experience to Forever 21, Syd and I scuttled under our umbrella until we came across “Second Time Around.” It is a thrift not really thrift shop. I found a cute pair of shorts for fifteen dollars and got them. But before I entered the perimeters of the shop, my green umbrella decided that it was having a mood swing and cut my finger. That gained it a timeout in the front of the store to think about what it had done. The lady, I’m not sure what her name is, was kind enough to lend me a band-aid for my wound. She told me about how she knew exactly what it feels like because it had happened to her earlier this week. While at Second Time Around, the drizze went to downpour as drops of water beat up the ground like a boxer to a bag.

Feeling the steady pitter-patter against the fabric above our heads, we made our way a few blocks down to H&M. Walking into the large clothing store, I stated, “this is where we should have come first!” Making our way up to the escalator exposed a floor that had everything from slightly formal to grunge to lingerie. I headed to the dressing room with a polka dot dress and a gray crew crop top. The blue dress wasn’t very flattering, but I liked the top. Sydney was trying on two black dresses. She showed me one where there was a strip of lace right below the bust, which spread across her upper back. It was knee-length. Sydney looked FANTASTIC. (she got it, yay!)

Realizing that we only had 10 minutes to go, I quickly grabbed some rings, paid for my shirt and headed downstairs to find Sydney by the door. We jog-walked to the residence and bust through the door at 6:29pm. It was productive and yet not productive trip as I did not get what I was hoping to get.

Whatever, I’ll go shopping again tomorrow 😉

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