I personally am a fan of Boca Juniors—the underdogs. Their grit, passion, and love for the game are all traits that appeal to me. Boca is considered to be more passionate than River Plate, focused on futbol and only futbol, and the fans are said to be “lower class.” This “ground level” attitude is exciting—the crowd is focused on futbol and only on futbol. There aren’t any distractions. The crowd is rougher. The crowd is more vocal. The crowd is crazy.

River taking a more intellectual approach to the game, and a more family atmosphere to it—the River Plate is more of a community that is not completely about soccer; after all River is dealing with the middle class and millionaires. Both River Plate and Boca originated La Boca, but the small city wasn’t big enough to contain the growing rivalries. Eventually, the two teams played a game on who got to stay in La Boca, Boca won. River had to leave. Encouraging the Rivalry that we know now today.

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