Exams Week

Woah! I am kinda stressed out right now. Wow.
Finals next week, situation report test tomorrow (have to study for that), science quiz tomorrow (probably won’t study for that), I need to finish reading Perla by tuesday (it is a fat book), Art homework (blehh), Iguazu children’s story (its about baby helicopters and a bird family hehehe), and STUDY EVEN MORE!!!!

But even then, I am still a really happy person! It wasn’t like back home when I get stressed out and kind of flip out at everyone around me. Here I am normal on the outside, and crazy on the inside. BUT, I am not beating myself up. I wonder about this. Is TGS as hard as my school last year? Am I adapting to boarding school life better? Is my homework load bigger this year versus last year? How does high school differ from middle school?

Imagine having this while trying to study for a spanish final.

Welcome to Exams Week.

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