The Guarani

On November 18, 2012, I visited the Guarani tribe located in Fortín Mbororé. The Guarani are an indigenous tribe of people who live in the Iguazu falls area. They have lost their land to rich Brazilian ranchers, who are harassing and murdering Guarani people.
The Guarani talked about preserving their culture and all that, but ironically, the Guarani tribe we went to was quite touristy. It felt like they were putting on a show for us. Actually they did! We went to a little area and a group of children were singing for us in their language. Then, the last place we visited, there was a little market area for us to buy handmade crafts. It was uncomfortably touristy. I expected to be immerged into an ancient community. Instead I felt like a gringo tourist being shown around a community that HAD an indigenous proud culture. I mean, our guide was wearing a green Adidas t-shirt.
I was hoping to go there and feel a deep sympathy and understanding for these people. Instead, I find myself not really caring. They are a group that needs help, a group that is suffering, a group that is desperate. I thought that is would have been a more meaningful experience if we had not been grazing their culture from a tourist stand point.

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